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A generative sound app for iOS that creates unique renditions of Kurt Schwitters’ dada sound poem London Onion.


Londonion was commission by Film and Video Umbrella, and conceived by artists Iain Fortsyth and Jane Pollard. The app's random generation process is directly driven by sound from the user's immediate environment, as well as other sensor and interaction data from the user’s mobile device. Londonion uses this information to generate and sequence a unique rendition of the poem, featuring randomised, dynamic vocal performances by comedian Stewart Lee.

Incidental was contracted to realise the creative design and development of the app. As part of that team, I was responsible for the creation of the dynamic audio engine and contributed towards the visual design and visual asset creation.

The app was launched at Tate Britain in 2013 as part of the Merzbank project - a collection of digital artworks inspired by the works of Kurt Schwitters.

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