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Interactive sound tools for iOS that allows you to create melodies, beats, and textures from the sounds of the world around you.


pyka_loop is an iOS app that lets users create exciting audio from the sounds of the world around them.


pyka_loop is designed to make electronic music production much more immediate, explorative, and fun. Instead of the complicated combinations of buttons, sliders, and patch bays that are synonymous with electronic music production, pyka_loop draws on the affordances of more literal physical mechanics, such as size, colour, shape, and spatial position, to allow users to intuitively edit, mix, and place their audio within their own carefully sculpted arrangements and soundscapes.

pyka_loop was globally released to critical acclaim, winning App of the Day and App of the Week Awards respectively, and has gone on to be used to deliver nationwide educational learning programmes, create commercially released music, drive interactive installations, and has been used in participatory performances in collaboration with a wide variety of partners such as London Symphony Orchestra, Tate, Wellcome Collection, The Roundhouse, Wales Millenium Centre, Chester Zoo and many more.


During the development of this platform I was responsible for designing and building the core audio engine for pyka_loop, as well as the user interface design and visual product branding. 

pyka_loop is currently undergoing redevelopment  - with version 4.0 set for impending re-release on the App Store.

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