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The Community

The development of Making Sense has been trialed by a wide number of creative professionals from all kinds of creative backgrounds and contexts.


Here's what they have to say about their experience with the cards.


Matthew Evans

Fine Artist (aka. Snowskull)

"Due to the nature of the brief that I was exploring while using these cards, I needed to be efficient and resourceful, especially given limited access to the usual gear brought about by the current COVID-19 lockdown.

Because of this, the
Auditing Resources cards were
 especially important to me in our current situation. They not only helped me audit what tangible resources I had available to me, but they also reminded me of my own strengths and weaknesses within the scope of the project."

Kayla Painter

Music Producer

"I really enjoyed the process of aligning the red, yellow, and blue cards. I found that quite helpful as it highlighted some things I wouldn't have thought of before such as a specific piece of media could be created in order to 'evoke a reaction' or 'make people care', which is exactly what I would want to happen in my project.


'Transform the creative brief into a concise blurb' from the Achieving Your Goal category was a particularly valuable card because it is not something I had sat down and done before. This card made my project actionable; I was able to write it and re-write it, which has given me more considerations and possible directions to explore!"

Kayla Painter.jpg

Ben Dobson

Animator & Motion Graphics Producer

"In my day-to-day practice, to my own detriment, I have the habit of believing that there’s not enough time for all that planning nonsense!' Stepping back and properly gathering my thoughts is usually quite daunting. Making Sense made this process feel perfectly manageable, and I was able to consolidate ideas for my brief very neatly and painlessly.

The Auditing Resources cards provided a positive disruption to my engagement with the cards, by asking me 'what are your core beliefs?'. I think that we should be starting the process by asking ourselves, should I even be doing this project?”

Antony Jack Rees

Musician & Audiovisual Artist

"I decided to use Making Sense to explore a new direction for my audiovisual practice, as both a musician and visual content producer. I used Making Sense as tarot cards for a 3-day design process on a new project -  each day, pulling one card from each of the 5 categories and assigning a meaning to each one.

Conditions & Cognitions category threw out one particular card which ended up being the most valuable to me - 'make people care' - because usually, the consumer is the last thing I think about when working on passion projects."


Sarah Fosh

Concept Artist & Illustrator

"I have spent the last 5 years working as a freelance concept artist whose work is very often connected to much larger creative teams and projects. Making Sense provided me with a space to step away from my workbench and think about the bigger picture.

Transferring T
erminology cards were particularly useful to me here, as they enabled me to consider technical ingredients that other creative producers on the project were using, and how these ingredients could directly influence the creative ideas for the designs that I would end up producing".

Leigh Davies

Systems Creative

"To establish the first draft of the Making Sense cards, I decided to explore a project brief that featured both an element of visual creativity and sonic creativity; character illustration & soundtrack production.

Mapping Modalities cards enabled me to identify which modal ingredients could span both workflow (visual, and audio) ultimately enabling me to establish a much more harmonious connection between the design of the character and their soundtrack."


Copyright © Leigh Davies 2020

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