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Shwmae! My name's Leigh Davies, an award-winning Adaptive Soundtrack Producer and  Experience Designer based in Wales. Creator of interactive sonic playspaces - delivering stories and designing experiences.


About Me

Over the last 10 years, I have worked extensively as a creative director and producer within the world of interactive arts and experience design. My practice is focused on the conception, development, and construction of interactive audio content, platforms, environments, and playspaces that present audiences with the opportunity to explore, learn, react, reflect, feel, respond, and discover.


My practical workflows span a wide range of mediums and modal channels, however, my primary practice is centred around sound and the role it plays within interactive experiences across physical, virtual, and mixed reality.

As a T-shaped practitioner, I specialise in music production, composition, and sound design and generalise in many other creative disciplines such as electronics and coding, hardware fabrication, illustration, UI & UX design, and animation - all additional skills I have acquired over the years to broaden my ability to platform and apply my practice as a sound and music practitioner.

Throughout my career, I have worked in residence and in partnership with a wide range of organisations such as TateThe MIDI Association, London Symphony OrchestraWellcome Collection, The Roundhouse, Cadw, National Trust, Something More NearChester Zoo, and many more.

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Industry Experience


My creative practice has taken me into many corners of the creative industry and into many other industries. I have extensive experience working within cultural, entertainment, heritage, environmental, health and wellbeing, and education contexts - utilising my expertise in interactive sound for a wide range of needs, initiatives, and briefs.

For a full breakdown of my experience, qualifications, and awards - please see my resume below:

On Being a Systems Creative

As part of my postgrad research, I established the identity of the Systems Creative to reinforce the foundations and core identity of my cross-contextual creative practice. 

The role of the Systems Creative was formulated to encourage creative practitioners to think beyond simply what they practice and consider a wider system of entangled agencies that impact on our ability to work within the creative gig economy.


There are 6 key philosophies that inform the mindset of a Systems Creative that I have outlined in the following  guidebook which is designed to support other mixed disciplinary practitioners in reinforcing and managing their own professional identities:

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