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Final Fantasy Postcards I.

Fully-licensed live instrumentation recreations of the music from the original soundtrack of Final Fantasy VII.


Final Fantasy Postcards is a series of licensed recordings I produced that serve as modern arrangements of Nobuo Uematsu’s flagship soundtracks for the Final Fantasy© series.


Each of the compositions selected for this project required me to not only utilise a wide variety of live instruments that I already knew how to play but also supported me in my pursuit to learn how to play many others in order to fulfill the act of creating realistic versions of the original synthesised/MIDI sequenced soundtracks used in the gaming series. All of the compositions that were selected for Vol I. were musical motifs for in-game locations, as opposed to musical themes for events or characters. Because of this, each music track is accompanied by a kinetic-illustration that I created, which was to be used as the vehicle for each track during the sequential online distribution process, each of which depicting the locations from the game that each music composition represents.

Final Fantasy Postcards Vol I was officially released globally in 2017 and is available on all major music streaming services.

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