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Making Sense.

A card-based toolkit designed to help makers from all backgrounds in planning their next creative project.

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Making Sense is a card-based toolkit that equips makers from all backgrounds with a reliable way to design and plan any creative project. These cards add a much-needed structure to the nebulous and ever-changing workflows synonymous with modern creative freelancing. 
The deck is made up of 72 cards spread over 5 core categories that are designed to help you wear many hats, take stock of your creative environment, and consider all angles - allowing your creative project-in-waiting to be the best it can possibly be.

I developed Making Sense in response to my experience as a multidisciplinary creative and my passion to contribute towards the normalisation of the role of the Systems Creative. The cards are designed to provide a flexible project planning and design system that is relevant to many creative disciplines, and champions organisation as the most important ingredient for the sustainability of creative professional practice. The system for using the cards (The Prism Framework) is based on my firm personal belief that the WHY, HOW, and WHAT of any creative project is inextricably connected and entangled - the administrative aspects and the creative aspects; the direct ingredients and the abstract ingredients; the mundane parts and the exciting parts - and when projects are designed and planned with this wider perspective in mind it can lead to the creation of more meaningful, impactful, and far-reaching creative outputs.

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